Offshore Legal Services
Back-Office support Legal Consultancy & Solutions Legal Research
  • Legal Drafting of notices, plaints, appeals, wills and other correspondence.
  • Company Matters
    • Drafting of Memorandum of Articles of Association
    • Applicability of Companies Act and relevant Rules and Regulations.
  • Conveyancing
    • Business contracts
    • Power of Attorney
    • Sale, lease, rental Deeds
    • Property Transfers Deeds
    • Property Partition Deeds
    • Memorandum of Understanding
    • Time Bound Agreements
    • Etc., etc…
  • Legal Document Review
    • Contracts
    • Mortgages & Hypothecations
    • Collateral Securities
    • Limitation issues
    • Business documents
    • Negotiable Instruments
    • Wills
    • Property Documents
    • Etc., etc
  • Will Writing Services
  • Cyber Crime Matters
    • Web Hacking
    • Manipulation of SAP
    • Tracing of Cyber Crimes
    • Tracing of Security Key Hackers

  • Arbitration - UNCITRAL Mode

  • Criminal Law Matters
    • Immigration Crimes
    • Narcotics
    • Penal Laws concerning public revenue and statutory violation

  • Intellectual Property Matters
    • Technical Patents
    • Copyrights

  • Personal Law Matters

  • Delinquency Law Matters

  • Insolvency Petition Matters
  • Extensive legal research for complete case presentation

  • Case Laws research for specific plaint and preparation of draft arguments.

  • Case law research on all Bare Acts, Rules & Regulations in Common Wealth countries.

  • Research for admissibility of evidence

  • Property Title Search

  • Research on limitation issues.

  • Research on local laws applicable in remote areas

  • Statutes and Regulation Research on diverse matter such as:
    • Banking Matters
    • Liquidation
    • Debt Recovery
    • Compensation etc.
  • Relationships with leading jurists across India/UK/Singapore/ Australia.
  • Standardised and Simplified processes to reduce Operational Costs (OC) and Total Action Time (TAT).
  • Coverage across 3 major Common Wealth Nations (UK/Singapore/Australia) through programme management offices.
  • Covenant of Secrecy, ITIL & PMI Methodology and extensive knowledge bank.
  • Large pool of para-legal, legal specialists and chief consulting counsel

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