Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the financial advantages of legal outsourcing from India?

Legal professionals in the High Cost economies of common wealth such as UK, Australia, Singapore etc., can significantly reduce the cost of legal research and back-office operations. Compared to afore mentioned economies the ratio of the cost high quality legal services in India is about 50%.

What are other advantages of legal outsourcing from India?

  • The law in all common wealth nations originated from British Law and is very similar.
  • Common wealth nations also have similar judicial system.
  • Common wealth nations have English as one of the acceptable court languages.
  • Legal Education is in English
  • India has an independent judiciary and democratic environment.

Does Artemis Legato Sol have resident representation in common wealth nations?

Yes. Please visit contact page for further information.

Are the teams at Artemis Legato Sol competent to provide legal research and support service to clients of common wealth nations?

Mr. Milind G. Gokhale, the chief operational consultant of Artemis Legato Sol is a highly qualified legal professional with over 20 years of experience at diverse courts including Supreme Court of India and Old Bailey London. He has offered his services in several matters in England, Singapore and Emirates.

The operational team at Artemis is supported by an advisory panel comprising of senior and eminent legal personalities who played a prominent role in the Indian Judicial System. The advisory panel is headed by Justice V.G.Palshikar, Retired Hon. Judge at Bombay High Court, India.

Other key members of Team Artemis are Ms. Nandini S Bilolikar, Mr. Hari Kumar etc., These are handpicked legal professionals, who are associated with Mr. Gokhale for years and carry the credit for many landmark full bench decisions at apex level.

Artemis Legato Sol has an enviable knowledge bank and extensive library and network connectivity to assist the consultants in rendering high quality service to the clients.

How can clients communicate their projects to Artemis?

Clients can send in their briefs through (1) word document files in email (2) project submit on web (3) mp3/midi audio files attached to email or simply fax the raw information.

How will the clients receive completed projects from Artemis?

The projects can be sent back to clients as (1) pdf files attached to email (2) word document files attached to email (3) printed files by courier or speed post etc.

How will Artemis charge and bill its clients?

The charges at Artemis vary according to complexity and size of the project. On submission of the project detailed quote will be provided to client.

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