About us

Artemis Legato sol is an offshore legal service/ process outsourcing firm launched by a panel of highly qualified and experienced legal professionals with over 80 years of combined experience in legal matters and court craft.


"Provide ..high.. quality .extensive .high quality, back office support, legal research and consultancy services to solicitors, practicing lawyers, law firms and other legal professionals based in common - wealth countries at low cost by leveraging its vast knowledge bank and unique offshore lean-time service delivery model".

Artemis aims to serve clientele in Common Wealth Nations as they share a common legal and judicial foundation where Indian experience will have significant relevance.


Artemis is located at Hyderabad, the fifth largest metropolis in India and one of the major information technology centres in the world. It has a very large conventional legal library along with a large intranet enabled in-house global digital library apart from accessibility to legal data banks in several common wealth countries.

People at Helm:

At the helm of its organizational pyramid, Artemis operations are controlled by a set of experienced consulting legal counsels with a proven track record specializing in Civil Matters, Business & Contractual Matters, Insurance & Corporate Matters and Criminal Matters.

The team of consulting counsels is headed by Mr. Milind G. Gokhale in the capacity of chief operational consulting counsel. Mr. Gokhale is a highly qualified lawyer, who has been practicing for last 20 years in diverse Apex Courts including Supreme Court of India and Old Bailey, London. Of his many success stories, 36 legal battles at High Court level including 4 divisional bench decisions and 3 full bench decisions are reported in legal annals of India and are used as case laws in several similar legal matters in courts of India. Mr. Gokhale has successfully represented several clients in arbitration courts at Singapore, Great Britain and Dubai.

Ms. Nandini S. Bilolikar B.Sc, LLB, LLM (Merchantile Law), heads the counsel team dealing in contractual, corporate and business matters. Ms. Bilolikar is a specialist in merchantile Law with an experience of over 25 years in contractual, business and corporate matters of most intrinsic nature. She had a brilliant academic career and is the recipient of Gold Medal in Merchantile Law from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. She has several meritorious cases to her credit and several of them are reported and referred in the legal annals of the country.

The top management team is supported by an advisory panel headed by Justice V.G. Palshikar, Retired Hon. Judge at Bombay High Court, India. Eminent legal personalities and jurists constitute the advisory panel. Their advise and review is sought in complicated legal matters especially those concerning the constitutional law.

Modus Operandi and Infrastructure:

The processes at Artemis are based on ITIL (Information technology Infrastructure library) and PMI (Project Management Institute) recommendations of best practice within the covenant of secrecy.

The IT infrastructure enables clients to transfer bare facts and raw data through emails, direct project submit on internet, e-fax into a central data inflow pool. The input is then sorted and distributed via intranet to relevant specialty / responsibility levels for process action. Well documented procedures and knowledge bank enables efficient data scouting, research, tabulation, bibliography, draft preparation, verification, expert scrutiny and ensures final output to clients is delivered within the committed time frame. The project travels up and down the specialty and responsibility levels for checks, rechecks and expert reviews for quality output. The system is designed to reduce the disadvantages of time difference and deliver output in leaner time.

Standardization and simplification of processes clubbed with the advantage of being housed in low cost economy reduces the turn aaround time (TAT) and costs which results in significant savings to clients.

Data warehousing and data mining procedures are in place reduce the cycle time and maintain accuracy.

Operational Set-up:

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